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About us

  • Develop services and achieve online goals

    Founded under the name Search IT. The objective was to develop and exploit services on the Internet, mostly on search engines.

  • The production doubled each year

    We have known an enormous growth, the number of queries of the search engines doubled each year, from 30 million in 1999 to 295 million in 2003. Despite this expansion the SLA with our customers was realised at 100% annually. An order of KPN to put detelefoongids on the Internet gave us a place in the Top 5 of Dutch most visited websites.


    The accent of the developments will be placed on telecommunication solutions, also the name will be adjusted to this.

Since 1998

  • Test became a successful service

    A newly developed telecom platform had to be tested in practice prior to deployment for the business market. That is why temporary cheap international calls were offered for the consumer market. For convenience the customers pay via premium numbers, that was new. The rate was a factor lower than the market and the traffic grows enormously, the test situation was optimal and the business model 0900 international call was born. After the test we were unintentionally left with a frequently used service which has functioned for many years since. Since our focus is the business market, we sold the consumer branch in 2007.

  • PrePaid for retail

    In the search for customers who want to distinguish themselves from their competition by deploying new services, we find among others one of the largest Dutch retail chains on our side for which we developed a PrePaid service and which eventually is being sold in all 600 stores.

  • Online interaction & Conversion

    Online marketing has known a steep development with SEA and SEO. In response to these developments has developed services for the top 100 companies, which are active with online marketing, which demonstrably improve the sales conversion with call me now, call tracking, and other methods.

Our Passion

  • International

    More and more customer are being facilitated by outside The Netherlands with the services which are being developed in The Netherlands from Kaatsheuvel and are being taken into production from the data centre in Amsterdam. Nowadays our platform runs tens of millions of call minutes and hundreds of millions of Internet transactions per year which represent the business. We work and deliver from the cloud (since 1998) and the location of the customer, the market and are subordinate in this.

  • Foreign partners

    We are going to look for partners who can represent abroad.

  • COOPERATION is going to join forces with the European market leader in the area of online marketing. The cooperation has as goal to further optimise the conversion by integrating each others solutions.



Help companies to further realise their online objective.


Make exceptional things possible with telecommunication.


Offer chances to grow and develop durably.


Honesty, justice, and integrity.


    • We want to help companies further realise their goal by enabling special solutions with telecommunications. We believe there is much more possible with telecommunications by which private life and doing business become more and more pleasant. It is essential to listen to and cooperate with customers, we gladly take things another step further to make this possible for you. We find it important to keep our financial position healthy, while we offer our employees, our business partners, and our environment the chance to grow and develop themselves. In all we do we strive for honesty, justice, and integrity.



  • 1


    Help companies to further realize their objective.

  • 2


    Make exceptional solutions with telecommunication.

  • 3


    Offer chances to grow and develop durably.

  • 4


    Honesty, justice, and integrity.


  • Your Call me now solution has given us the best performing sales channel.

  • You have delivered on time, custom-made, and fix price, we don't see that very often.

  • The solution has also given us the insight that we need to structure our website differently.

  • We never have to worry about the design of your services within our environment. If something changes you always know how to quickly organise something for us.

  • With the growth of mobile calling inbound became a black hole in our conversion, until we spoke with about call tracking


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