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With our call me now service you will demonstrably attain more sales from your website. The sales conversion will on average increase by 25%.



Half of the advertisement investments is effective, but which half? Use call tracking and know what your offline and online campaigns produce.


25% more sales on your website by lowering the threshold of contact.


Calling to fixed phones with your mobile phone, worldwide, without roaming.


Do not waste chances on your website outside of the office hours.


Our services will help you recognize your customer, exceeding the online goals.

Give answers to your website visitors, that sells.

Lower the threshold,
increase sales conversion.

Lower the threshold for contact on your website by placing the call me now button. Do this so you can get in touch with visitors and provide a better service. The result will be more sales. If your visitors have questions about subjects on your website, offer them the call me now service to get called right away, for free. The customer will be more inclined to buy when the demand for satisfaction has been fulfilled, since this provides more trust. This call me now service contributes to sales. The conversion will grow on average by 25%. The cannibalisation on online orders is on average 2%.

It works simple. The customer fills in his phone number at call me now on your website, he will immediately get a call on this number from the call me now service and when he answers, is connected to your company. The call is a normal telephone call for your company, so no telecom adjustments are required.


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We are motivated to push boundaries together with our customers by creatively combining opportunities to new solutions. This is how we create innovations which solve real problems and are often applicable in a broader spectre. And this benefits our customers. President


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In order to be able to deliver availability our platform has been executed in a redundant manner on safe locations. These locations meet the strictest requirements and standards in regard to safety, security, and availability. In practice the realised availability has been 100% for years already, something our customers are ultimately satisfied with.


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