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The effect of direct

New customers on your website have questions or are looking for confirmation. This is the right moment for you to get in touch with the customer and call me now arranges this. If you miss this chance at contact, you miss an opportunity and that would be a waste of the campaign costs you made to get the customer onto your site. When you seize the opportunity with call me now the effect of direct contact will amaze you, it yields a significantly higher conversion.

  • Predictable effect

  • Measurable result

Best practice

We have grown by listening to our customers, by learning from them, and by being of help in realising their goals. We have tested many many in real life and we have discovered what works and what doesn't. Those experiences of over 15 years of call me now has been processed into our call me now service.
We speak with pride about call me now in the market. And this is also available for you now.

  • Best practice Call me now

  • Performance guarantee

Seize your chances

We know from experience that few sales channels are more effective than call me now. Call me now increases sales, customer satisfaction and hence the Net Promotor Score (NPS). Fear for too many calls is unjustified, because in the end you decide the number of conversations. With call me now every website can improve its performance. Take action now and  contact  us. We gladly help you with making your new forecast.

  • We gladly help you with your forecast

  • NPS delivers proof

More efficient processing

Customers should preferably be put into contact with the right person or department within your organisation. This is not easy but call me now helps you without letting the customer choose. Customer recognition can be deployed as well to smartly route your conversations, or looking up specific information even before the start of the conversation. Changes that will make your customers happy and due to which your organisation will be better evaluated.

  • Customer recognition

  • Smart routing

Clear result

  • Effect calculable in advance

  • Measurable result

  • Customer friendly

  • Low costs, high returns

  • We gladly make the forecast with you

  • On average 25% more online sales

  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) increases

  • We calculate the ROI if you want


  • Custom dialogue

  • Custom look & feel

  • International use

  • NPS survey

  • Call me later

  • Traffic planner

  • Traffic distributor

  • Co-browsing

  • Conversion registration

  • Integration with your statistics

  • Google analytics link

  • Customer recognition



One of the possibilities is a pilot for 3 months with maximised use and this can be tuned to your situation.

  • Pilot period

  • Maximum use


The standard supply is based on use. In case you have more response, you pay more; in case of less response, you pay less.

  • Per use

  • Per contact (PrePaid)


At your request we can compose a custom proposition. We can also calculate the forecast and the ROI with you.

  • Per period

  • Per contract


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